Neon: New fashion and home decor trend

Neon: New fashion and home decor trend


Many people accept neon as the new fashion and home decor trend cause they make things become happy.  It can be pretty affordable to update your wardrobe with a few pieces of neon and your home can look more bold and striking with a bit of neon.  These colors suggests energy and are perfect for all seasons. A good way to start with your neon design would be to start with your furniture and accessories using masking tapes. Small doses, clever applications and limited painted accents make it easy to introduce the bold trend to your home without overspending or signing on for a decade of neon design. When you think neon, it doesn’t have to necessarily be green or yellow. You can try something less traditional and funkier like a purple or a pink. These are some ways by which you can bring neon into your home and life. Do we try it again?



Juliana de Giacomi

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