USA road Trip // The great Route 66 – From Arizona to California a very retro tour!

USA road Trip // The great Route 66 – From Arizona to California a very retro tour!

Hello! We will start today with a special road trip at Route 66, right? Though it is no longer a main route across the country, Route 66 has retained its mystique in part due to the very same effective hype, hucksterism, and boosterism that animated it through its half-century heyday. We have done only few parts of route, from Arizona to California, but it was enough to love it! Wonderful landscape, deserts, canyons and a good atmosphere in small old cities like Kigsman, Williams and Selligman make us feel a nostalgic yearning for the good old days the route has come to represent. Old service station become restaurants, american kitsch and 50’S decor, old cars, big burgers and many other things like a rock n’roll song! Do you wanna come?



Road_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_designRoad_Trip_USA_Route_66_blog_DECOuvrir_design//Article réédité dans le cadre d’une mise à jour du blog.//

Images personelles DECOuvrir design

photos: Jean François e Juliana de GIACOMI
Restaurants déco: Où manger et profiter d’un décor très route 66 !

♦Kingman- Mr. DZ – Mangez un hamburger et une salade César et profitez d’un vrai décor 50’s. Il y a même une Jukebox!

♥Williams – Cruisers café 66 – Une station service années 30 transformé en  restaurant dont la spécialité est le barbecue. Délicieux choix dans cette ancienne ville de cowboys.

♦Selligman – Ok Saloon & Road Kill café – des super steaks pour une ville très kitsch avec ces mannequins habillés années 50 exposés partout.



Juliana de Giacomi


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